A Wee Taster Of…….

This is the first post of my blog and if you haven’t done this sort of thing before, it is quite difficult to know where to start, how to come across, what tone you should set, etc. So with that in mind, I though I would elaborate on my “About” narrative so you can really understand what I’m about and what this blog is meant to convey, just to get this rolling.

In my “About” page, I do write about the “Have you ever……” moments. These are those moments that will live with you forever and you look back, sometimes with perfect spin on them, with such a longing that makes you wish you were there again.

For me, Photography can do that – sort of like a time machine. Virtually, all of my images are like anchors to a moment in my life and when I look at them, I can almost feel the emotions, the sensations and time at which that “click” took place.

So here is an image that I can share that is so powerful in my mind as a wee taster for things to come in this blog.

Isle Of Lewis – White Horses At Ness


Every time I look at this image I can hear the waves, feel the power as they pound the cliffs, almost feel the spray on my face, I get a wee chill as I can remember with such clarity how cold it was (it was really cold!) and how much I was captivated by this scene. Think I must have holding my breath for a while in the presence of such a force of nature playing out before me.

I was struggling to stand as I was  being buffeted by the strong winds that whistling in from the north. So exposed here at the top of the Isle Of Lewis, as point called “Rubha Robhanais”, which translates from gaelic, as the slightly less romantic, Butt Of Lewis. It was when the sun peeked through the rushing clouds overhead did the scene come alive. The spray is the air caught the light so wonderfully and those White Horses were picked up majestically as they foamed and charged into that rugged and battered coastline.

It was just an instant as the sun disappeared again and the scene, even though just a unforgiving, had lost that ineffable quality.

One of those scenes that I could wait to get back to the place I was staying to see what I had and, being early in my photographic journey, wanted to share this wee gift with whoever cared to view it.

Also, in my mind that was very poignant, was that this was taken on Christmas Day in 2005 – the day before the Tsumani hit across the Indian Ocean region. Always anchors me to that time too and is a reminder of the power of nature that we sometimes are quite complacent about.

So first blog post done and hope you get what I’m trying to do here.