If you missed my link to “About”, you may not have read about the whole “GreyScotland” story.

When I first started this site, I had a notion to name it “GreyScotland” as I have used that name online for many years now on various online platforms and most folk knew me by that name (mind you, not all Greyscotland’s are me, of course!). So I built this site with that in mind and then, as time went on (and various folk giving me feedback and advice), I decided I’d better concede to my audience and incorporate my name into the whole thing.

The trouble is when you start a site on WordPress and have links (like kevinskinnerphotography.com and .co.uk) attached to it, it is difficult to migrate over, even though you can change the main account name easy enough.

I might get around to change it over to something like my name someday but I’m just happy to have got a site up and running!