I found Photography as a passion by accident a way back in 2003. I saw a digital camera for sale (a Fuji Finepix S5000) and thought that I’d quite like the challenge of taking photographs. Given that I live in Scotland and I love being out in the land, the subject matter was quite obvious for me.
From the start, it was plainly obvious to me that my love of the land moulded the images that it captured. After making a few mistakes (actually quite a few), I started to get some really decent work and so began the hard work of honing and crafting the skill to make the results that much higher level to do the land justice and so I could share my fortune of the landscape that I have the privilege to witness.
As the craft developed, a new passion became clear: Black & White Landscapes imagery.
However, I wish I can say that these passions gave me a smooth and unerring road. A few years ago, I lost something. It was almost as if I had become desensitised to the beauty that the Land had so freely shown me. There was a while that absolutely nothing I produced even came close to inspiring me, doing the Land justice or for me to allow any images to be shared with the outside world. Sometimes I would avoid going out with the camera as I believed, at the time, there was was a no point as I just didn’t measure up to the challenge that I had placed upon myself for “perfection”.
It’s taken a few years to get back my “eye” and, even though I’m not as prolific as I used to be, I’m now enjoying the Land again in the way I should do, as well as my photography.
At the end of it all, my philosophy about Photography is that isn’t about me, it isn’t about the equipment, it isn’t even about the Photography……..it’s about the Land. The Land is always the star and that moment of time in which it revealed itself to the lens – from there, I just have to attempt to do it justice so I can share that wonder and awe with you or whoever cares to take the time to look.
So…….now that you’re here, take your time and have a look at the images of the Land that I love.