Throughout my photography journey, I have been so very lucky to have cross paths with so many talented people (some I even class as friends). Each and every one has influenced the way I look at the world through the lens.

I don’t think many folk understand that these are the most inspirational photographers, or influences, that help fuel my passion of this wonderful pastime that I do – probably, more so than any photographer, past master or otherwise, that I could mention. 

Take a wee look and I’m sure they will inspired you too.

Katariina Jarvinen

I have known Katariina for many years now through various photography sites and forums. Been privileged to have watched her photography grow and never ceases to leave me in awe on the never ending talent that she has. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed.

Kippy Spilker 

Kippy is another photographer that I’ve known for many years now. She is very motivational and I’m always blown away with her creativeness. From time to time, I will take a look through her images and wonder at the scenes that she captures and the way she composes a subject. 

Tom Mackie

I met Tom quite a few years ago now. I took one of his workshops around Pitlochry, Scotland to catch some autumnal colours and hoping to glean some photography wisdom. When you take a look at his site, you’ll see some amazing photography and how prolific he is at capturing the world around him. Gets to some amount of places around the world too! Great guy.

Eddie Ephraums

Eddie is one of the most creative and talented people that I know. Met him whilst at a couple of Open Studio Workshop courses at Mellon Charles, near Aultbea, and his knowledge, experience and application is second to none. At the time of writing this, he is a regular contributor to Black & White Photography Magazine and does some really good articles on various topics (worth reading).

Adrian Hollister

Adrian is a photography located way up in the North West of Scotland at Mellon Charles, near Aultbea. It was Adrain and Eddie Ephraums that created the Open Studio Workshops and if you want something that is different from your usual photography courses, give these courses a look and try. I’ve had some great times up on these courses……..great people. 

Colin Prior

Colin is widely regarded as one of the worlds leading Landscape Photographers and when you look at his portfolio and books, you can see why. Had the privilege to spend some time doing photography with him out and around Knoydart and Aultbea. Great Photographer.