Space where I look for when I need that bit of inspiration. This comes in so many forms but there are occasions when I sitting down and I take to looking at others work. 

Folk That I Know……..

Friends and folk that I know are the biggest source of motivation and inspiration that you can get. Take a look at some of these people that I have the privilege to know and/or have crossed paths with.

Past And Present Masters

It is here where both inspiration and aspiration can mix when you view in awe at some of these masters images. I’ve never followed a path where I have wished to emulated anyone’s style or wanted to “re-invent” an image of others, so this is no real inspiration there for me. It is the craft and individuality that each have weaved through their images that is both inspirational and aspirational.

Random Inspirationals

This is just an area that, every now and then, I will drop something in to share when I’ve gone “Wow” or has moved me to share. These generally will be eclectic bits and pieces of items from various places and genres, but are photography or art related.

Inspirational Photography Quotes

Over the years, I have collected a number of quotes that have inspired me and carried them around whilst I’m out with the camera. They’ve helped me through self-doubt, understanding, and my progress in photography. Very powerful tool to have in your armoury when you do photography, even though they are just words.