My photography has never been shaped by anyone other than the land in which I live but I do admire the work of others both past and present. These are just a few of the photographers sites that I admire.

Ansel Adams

It wasn’t until quite late in my photography journey that I heard about Ansel Adams. I went to see an exhibition in Edinburgh a good many years ago and I was most certainly hooked by his craft and the way he captured the world around him.

Willy Ronas

The first time I saw the work of Willy Ronis was at an exhibition being held in the Tre Oci gallery in Venice in the September 2018. I always admire photographers that can capture people candidly and portray a story at the same time. His “Lovers Of The Bastille” was an instant favourite amongst so many others. Sublime photographer.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Whilst on holiday in Italy this summer, I just happened to stumble across an exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work at the Lu.C.C.A Museum in Lucca. The images were of his collection during his time in America. Amazing and eclectic collection of images throughout. Stunning.

Sebastiao Salgado

I came across Sebastiao’s images through his books “Genesis” and “Africa”. Having a passion for Black & White imagery, I was just in awe in the tones and use of light that went into every image. Both books have a varied collection of subjects (in “Africa”, some were quite harrowing but the story is there for all to see) and when you go through the pages, the craft and detail in each and every image in so apparent. Stunning photography.

Nick Brandt

They say that a photograph should always tell a story and evoke an emotional response to be even a good one. I’ve never been sure about that in its entirety as I’ve thought it should just tell part of a story – leave the viewer to continue the story in their imagination in order to contact. Nick’s picture certainly do that for me. His images certainly push my thoughts and imagination in various different ways and emotions. One particularly is his “Elephant Drinking” image – such a majestic and serene beast but within days was no more. A similar emotion pricks my thoughts when I look at “Elephants Walking Through Grass” – I sit and wonder how many of these graceful animals are still wandering through the grasses in spite of the selfish threat of man. Have a look at Nick’s work – it will inspire!