Firstly, welcome to my Website/blog/inspiration place where I share photography experiences in all its forms.

Secondly, in case you were wondering, I did start this site as “GreyScoltand” (hence the wordpress address) but decided that I need to put my identity somewhere – not that it’s all about “Me, Me, Me”, you understand.

Whilst you are here, have a look through the links if you would like to know more about my photography and other things. I’ve tried to make this site more about inspiration in photography rather than just a portfolio site – you’ll find out why if you read the pages in the links in “About”.

I do hope that you’ll find this site, at least, helpful but the goal is to be give a flavour of inspiration to your visit to my site.

Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to view.

Kevin Skinner

Why……..Black And White Imagery?

Why……do I do Landscape?

Why……..does the site address take me to GreyScotland.wordpress?



  1. Love your work, particularly your Blue Iced Diamonds. It is stunning.
    You are my inspiration and have me out more, taking photos with my latest camera and experimenting in black and white. Looking forward to workshops. Keep up the great work and thanks.


  2. Hey Kevin!
    Long time since I saw your work on Flickr. I was browsing through the archives of The Jurors and thought of you so I took a look at your photos. I saw you had a blog so thought I’d drop you a note Iit looks like it’s been a while since you’ve posted anything so I’m hoping you still monitoring.
    Cheers amigo
    Elavats (The Jurors)


    1. Hi Elevats!

      Long time no hear! This website is becoming a neglected labour of love these days with life just getting in the way. Obviously, other things on my mind during this pandemic than photography but my gaze is slowly coming back to the Scottish Landscapes again.

      I see you still add some great B&W’s and stuff on Flickr still. Been meaning to comment and enjoy everyone’s work but, again, need to time to draw breath these days 🙂

      The Jurors! I was thinking about that group the other day. I actually miss that group and the discipline of giving folk advice/critique/controversial comments every week. It actually sharpened my own photography up as well.

      Hope you and yours are well. Maybe catch up soon.



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