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I had driven passed this spot for years and had always known there was a capture here – perhaps something wasn’t quite right, maybe I didn’t see the shot or the conditions weren’t quite so. One day I just saw it when the waves of the loch was lapping at the fishing rocks and the light seemed perfect for what I wanted.

I remember using a Neutral Density Filter and Circular Polariser (before I had my Big Stopper) to extend the shutter speed to smooth out the water and makes the scene less busy. As I stood there waiting for the “click”, I reminisced about the time when my friends used to jump off these rocks then chuckled as one of them jumped his bike into the freezing waters – good memories.

As soon as I saw the image feedback on the camera screen, I knew I was on the right track. I adjusted a few things (position and f-stop settings) then took a couple more. This is the result.

One of my favourites.