As you’ll see, most of my work is in Black and White. It is my passion and I love the way I can express a scene to give a mood or an emphasis that appeared to me in the moment. Some may called this “Art”, some my call it “manipulation”, and others may call it something else. For me, it is just me telling a story of a moment that I had witnessed and trying to do its beauty the justice that it so richly deserves by holding my gaze in the first instant.
Having said that, when I started to bias towards this medium of photography and this subject kept coming up with many folk. “Why Black and White Landscapes?” was the common remark.
You have to understand that I had really just started on the road of getting to grips with this whole photography world and was well before I had heard of the likes of Ansel Adams or the other masters of the medium, which made it uncomfortable  to answer then.
My photography peers and mentors used to debate with me that I was losing the essence of the scene by removing colour – one even called it “cheating the moment”.
For me, it was never a cheat or removing the essence of the moment – it added something ineffable to it together with a pinch of me to the ingredients to send the capture on its way.
I often go out to look for scenes that lend themselves for being Black and White results, but then found it too restrictive and not showing every scene at its best. I finally had to succumb to some (begrudgingly) colour imagery, but these are the images that I playfully call, “Failed Black and White’s” and try to keep these to a minimum.
Anyway, whatever your point of view, I do hope you like what you see and maybe get some of the essence of the moment that I try so hard to portray…..maybe even get a glimpse of that added pinch of me somewhere in those tones!