Have you ever stood in a place where a moment just hangs in the air? When that moment is filled with awe, inspiration, belonging, passion, questions, belief, and, although it feels like the world has stopped for just that instant, you still somehow never really want it to end?
It is for these moments that I hope to capture and share. They are very much part of the passion I have for this remarkable land that I call “Home”.
Yes, I have stood, many times, in a place where the moment just hung in the air. Yes, that moment was filled with awe, inspiration, belonging, passion, questions, belief and really, so, so badly, have never wanting it to end. Then, although as you walk away with your precious captures in the bag, there is that irresistible energy, drive, or motivation, that compels me to share that essence of that moment and a certain nervousness that I have captured it in order to do it justice, but, all the while, with that bittersweet feeling of that moment left behind.
It is that sharing in which this is what this site and blog sets out to keep those instants from fading too soon.
It is for the love of the Land. That is why I do Landscapes.