This image was taken at the end of a long summer’s day. The sun was still bright but on its way towards the horizon and the wind was starting to freshen. To all of the families that had taken to the beach for the day, it was feeling like time to go home and most folk were making their way back to their cars for that satisfying but tired journey to wherever.
Me? This is the golden time were the light brings its own magic so it stayed for a while longer to speculate and see if anything would appear through the lens.
So as I had setup the tripod and scanned around with the long lens, this image appears as I looked east towards the Bass Rock, which appears surreally over the raised sandbar at the end of the beach, I saw a Dad carrying a Bucket’n’Spade and holding his wee boys hand.
I waited as they made the way back up the beach to give some separation against the lapping tide and the Bass Rock then took the shot.
I love this image. It calls to me of Family, Summer Holidays, and childhood. A romantic view of nostalgia, if you will.

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