There are times when you are standing behind the lens and you just don’t know what image is going to emerge once you trip the shutter. This was just one occasion.
Standing at the end of the WWII Anti-boat Boom that links the shore to the island, looking out towards the Forth, the weather was a wee bit gloomy, the clouds were moving quite fast overhead and the sea was very choppy indeed. Not much of a palette to capture.
So I did what I usually do: I experiment and use the surroundings and conditions to see what I can do. On this occasion, I decided a long exposure might work nicely using the contrasting elements of movement against the static barrier, island and horizon.
This is the result. The long exposure calmed those seas and it turned those gloomy skies into strands of light over grey. Those colours are so, so subtle as well – so much so I couldn’t bring myself to attempt to convert to Black & White (don’t get me wrong, I did try a good while later!) as they really added that special something to the image.
As soon as the image appear of my screen, I knew it was something special… me. The Isle looked like some magical land on the edge of the world haloed by an eerie light. What does this distant isle hold? What secrets does it hold? Maybe it is where the national animal of Scotland bides – the Unicorn?
I still look at this image in awe and wonder. Maybe that is what photography should do?

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