Union Canal – The Way To You

This was a time where the phrase “Capture what made you stop and look” actually started the journey of this image. I was travelling over the bridge and looked down the canal to see the Wild Garlic in full bloom (it’s unusual to catch such an extensive bloom as there are folk that travel about to crop these for cooking purposes – apparently, it is a rare delicacy!).
So I stopped and made my way down to the Towpath. This is where another tip is needed for Landscape Photography: keep looking around you especially behind from where you’ve been! As soon as looked behind, I saw this view.
The Wild Garlic lined the Towpath leading the way to the bridge and canal beyond. The diffused light gently flooded the scene and made the greens of the flora glow. I knew it was a special scene that needed to be captured.
Once processed and I sat back to admire the scene, it struck me the romantic feel of it. The calm waters and the draw of the soft light was drawing me to see what was around the corner of the canal or over the bridge. Was it the way home? Was it the way to some lost, future or present love? Was it the way to you?
Note: This image got me to the finals of the “Take-a-view” Landscape Photographer of the Year 2012. It was on show for a month at the National Theatre in London and was published in the annual book that shows all of the finalists images. Very prestigious competition here in the UK.

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