This is one of those images that really emerged from looking through the lens as I panned the surroundings. It’s a useful technique especially when you’re struggling to bag something in a location.
This was taken before the new Queensferry Crossing had started to be built and the Forth Rail Bridge had just celebrated its 150th anniversary in taking trains backwards and forwards across the waters.
What struck me was the three elements within the frame: The Forth Rail Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the Wooden Fence in the foreground (hence reference to the term “Something Old, Something new….”).
Basically this is a testament to the engineering of the Forth Rail Bridge. The Forth Road Bridge had, by this times, had been decided to be replaced due to, supposedly, corrosion issues. The newer by far wooden fence has been already had the attention of the locals and looking worse for ware.
Some things are just more built to last than others.

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