This is my Archived Portfolio, of which I prefer to call the view “through my younger eyes”, and has some of my favourite images (by the way – there are many) and these were images taken prior to August 2017. I look back on them and wonder both how I saw these and where did my creativity go? So I looked for answers…….

So in my search for these answers, I didn’t go up a mountain to find myself or give myself a good talking to, but I just decided to take a break from photography and the come back to it with “New Eyes”.

When I did dust off the camera, I found the following answers:

  1. Being able to see these images and places had never left me. The Land has always inspired and filled me with awe – it is a love affair that maybe waned a little. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and become desensitised to it – maybe I took it for granted, I don’t know. Sometimes you just need to stop, open your eyes and just look – you’ll see again.
  2. The creativity is an interesting element and has many facets to be fed by.  The best way, for me, of explaining it is that life, sometimes, can leave you a wee bit jaded. It tints and shapes your lens on life – if your outlook is a touch dark, the passion will be coloured by it, or even, drained by it. It is this passion that feeds the creativity in whatever colour, tint, mood, outlook, feeling, or whatever and will flow into your images that result. You could say, “Looking through my eyes” – a window to the soul, so to speak.

This area of this site, is an archive of older images that spans better times, successful times, faltering times and glimpses of improving times.

If I haven’t totally depressed you by now, click on the menu arrow next to the title on the menu bar and you’ll see various sub-pages on which some of my past portfolio sits.

Hope you enjoy the past gems that were seen through my younger eyes.

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