I had looked at these boulders a number of times before taking this shot and couldn’t get what I wanted. Sometimes you just need to visit the same places as many times as it takes to get that ineffable extra something or pinch of inspiration to get that capture that inspires you to smile then share with the world.
Using a longer exposure brought the loch to a calm, flat canvas where the boulders simply had to pierce its fabric in progression to the far shore. In an almost abstract-like way, these boulders created some sort off prehistoric landscape emerging from the deeps of the inky Loch amongst an empty land. It is almost fitting that the name “Lochindorb” translates from gaelic as “Loch Of Trouble” as it matches the mood somehow.
Love the minimalist nature of this image and, of course, it is a Black & White so it fuels the passion without trying.
Love this image and I always smile when I pass this place. Sometimes Photography is not only just the love of the subject but it is also a connection and memento of an emotion.

Where I stood


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